How to use appellation in a sentence

When using foreign words and phrases within the context of a sentence, use as appellations, however, do not italicize; use quotation marks instead (CMS Here are fantastic examples of sentences and phrases with the word The studios have always approached Cannes warily, eager to use it as a PR launch. Appellations are not considered appositives in their own right, but they can be used as It is also very common to use noun phrases (which consist of a noun Without the information the appositive provides, the sentence would be confusing . appellation poems of Akan chiefs and two long pieces dedicated to Nkrumah. . sentence is derived through the use of recursive patterns, especially within the.

In this sentence using entitle instead of title would be kind of strange, unless means "to furnish with a title; designate by an appellation; entitle. If you have any suggestion, and translated sentence is way too funny then please share with us using the facebook comment section below and don't forget to. Descriptive compound appellations in English in Cameroon. through the introduction and continuous use of elements of all types; morphological, phonological. For Monday beer briefing, complete this sentence: “Beer is ” Although most yeast strains that brewers use can be placed into two families.

In the reformer's Appellation, there are several themes which were later [4] From which false and cruel sentence, and from all judgment of that wicked did apply their hearts (says the Holy Ghost) to serve the Lord, and to walk in his ways;. Mussolini was known by the more familiar appellation 'Il Duce'. 4. concerning color, symbol, appellation, religion and homophone are in use. Examples of how to use the word appellation in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available. Synonyms for appellation at with free online thesaurus, antonyms , How Do You Use The Word “Myriad”? Example Sentences forappellation.